Made In The USA (Single)

by Starlite Radio

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Made In The USA features a smooth and playful duet by Jessica and Nathan McDonald of Starlite Radio with relevant lyrics that will make you smile and appreciate homemade goods! Recorded as a pre-sophmore-album single, available for download now.


released December 20, 2011

Written, recorded and produced by Starlite Radio. Mixed by Paul Redel. Mastered by John Baldwin.



all rights reserved


Starlite Radio Rockford, Illinois

Midwest Americana-pop for Rascal Souls

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Track Name: Made In The USA
Nathan McDonald. © 2011 Littlebeck Records (Independent).

In the Philippines, Jamaica
Cambodia, Sri Lanka
Your best-looking onesies were made

All your bath towels and swaddlers
Your cute pair of All-stars
Were made in Vietnam at low wage

Pakistan provides ya
With most of your pajamas
And India made your Pooh Bear

But Baby, I can proudly say
To the world if I may
You were made in the U.S.A.

In a fact’ry in Bangladesh
One the isle, Mauritius
Jeans were made for your pudgy legs
A matching hat and sweater
Was knit by your Grandmother
With yarn from Iceland white as eggs
Travel ‘cross the ocean
To fact’ries set in motion

Where China gets the credit
for your crib, and your diapers,
and your colored pacifiers
And your carseat, your stroller,
your yellow steam roller
And your bottles handpicked for BPA-free plastic
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

But Baby, I can proudly say...

Bright blue eyes
You got ‘em from your momma
She’s a rather darling gal

Plump, round cheeks
You got ‘em from her too
Your inheritance is tried and true

Those long curls
You got ‘em from your papa
Though he doesn’t have much left

You’ll know love,
That’s what brought us both together
And that’s the label you get to wear
Love’s the label you get to wear

But Baby, I can proudly say...