22 Blackbirds

by Starlite Radio

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released May 30, 2008

All songs written, recorded and produced by Starlite Radio. Mixed by Don Chaffer. Mastered by Chuck Zwicky.



all rights reserved


Starlite Radio Rockford, Illinois

Midwest Americana-pop for Rascal Souls

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Track Name: 22 Blackbirds
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

22 blackbirds singing over you
Singing of a world to come
You’re sleeping by the window
They can’t help but let you know

22 blackbirds pleading over you
Pleading for a world to come
You’ve never moved outside these walls
You never thought this day would come so soon

Spread wide the avenue
Make way for something new
It is going to break you where you stand
Lie down and let it roll
Near-sighted eyes and weary soul
Meet the shifting shadows with a kiss

Spread wide the avenue…

22 blackbirds crying over you
Crying for a world to come
Pitch black against a white sky
A contrast for aging eyes to see

22 blackbirds taking flight over you
Taking flight with your heart
Track Name: Annie's Trouble
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

Jack’s outside the window
Throwing pennies at the glass
Trying to break the silence in your room
He wanted to protect you
But his fists weren’t made to swing
Now he feels a wound deeper than your bruise

Jimmy’s at the front door
Nailing daisies to the frame
Trying to bring back color to your home
He wanted to believe you
But he sneaks around at night
Now he’s looking and there’s no one to be found

There is trouble at your window
There is trouble at your front door
Annie, you’ve been drawing trouble
But it’s not your trouble anymore

John’s up on the rooftop
Dropping toothpicks down the chute
Hoping one will strike a flame for you
He wanted to elect you
But he votes the other side
Now his victory is losing what he had

Joe’s under your floorboards
Singing echoes through the rug
Trying to shake a crack inside your walls
He wanted to convince you
But his tongue could only lie
Now he’s thirsty and he goes unsatisfied

There is trouble on your rooftop
There is trouble in your floorboards
Annie, you’ve been drawing trouble
But it’s not your trouble anymore

Saturday at midnight
Six whole days ago from now
You bought a ticket for an eastern shore
Unannounced you left your trouble
But you left your home as well
Now you’re sleeping where the pennies hit the ground
Waking under daisies on the door
Breathing in clouds of smoke and chill
Hearing echoes tearing down your walls
Track Name: Baby, Don't Say
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

Baby don’t say you’ll sleep another hour
Your dreams aren’t as sweet as drinking in the day
Follow me out to the street around the corner
You’ve been a fool to let your love delay

Come on, I won’t let you go
Even when trouble is pulling you under
Walk on, let out your song
The melody will lead you along

Baby your eyes carry weight like a barrow
Empty the load before the day is through
Swallow me in, soak your bones to the marrow
You will begin as I begin in you

Come on, I won’t let you go…

We’ll flower up out from the seed
Starving our wants, feeding our needs
Our stories won’t ever end
Laughing through trouble like elderly friends
Baby, I’m under your skin
Track Name: Who's To Blame
Nathan and Jessica McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

I can’t place my finger on it
I can’t trace the last time I was here
I can’t place my finger on it
So, Ill wait for you to make it clear

We cannot throw this time away
Let’s fight the urge to run away
’Cause whose to blame?
I’ll bite my tongue, let you call out the name

I can’t lift my eyes above it
I can’t shift the answer into gear
I can’t lift my eyes above it
So, Ill be still and know that you are near

We cannot throw this time away…

I can’t place my finger on it

We cannot throw this time away…
Track Name: Out Of Your Reach
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

Like a cat on the street
Stray and hungry for days
You were a roamer
Looking for a home

Needing more than a roof
You had struck out on love
He was the first one to let you in

Now you don’t mind the gap
Between yourself and the sky
You’ve got your fill of clouds in your lungs

And when he kisses your mouth
You breathe enough of his air
To float above the surface of your doubt

It’s out of your reach
With your feet on the ground
It doesn’t matter where you’re standing from

It’s out of your reach
You won’t turn back around
You’ll never pardon who you have become

He’s carving your name
On the length of his chest
Italic letters and a blue guitar

You wait outside
With nothing to do
But light up your last
And watch the Northern Lights

It’s out of your reach…

When I feel a weight on my bones
I can make a trade for a lighter load
When my head is hanging low
I gotta lift it up to a higher road

It’s out of your reach…

You’ve never seen such a mess
Than when you look in the mirror
You can’t look away even if you tried

He’s got more than you have
And he’s all that you’ve got
But baby, this is not your gravity
Track Name: Easy Go
Jessica, Nathan and Jordan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

Easy go, my Love
Easy go, my Love
These eyes will show my love
Easy go, my…

Love is a gentle kiss
When you have no strength
An open fist
Letting go the fear
Of losing your life
Finding yourself on the other side

Easy go, my Love…

Love is a familiar voice
Welcoming you home
A fierce rejoice
Cutting through the tears
When you say goodbye
Knowing you’ll meet on the other side

Greater Love has gone before us
Leading our way home
Track Name: Looking For A Place
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

They say I’m looking for a place
A place to lay my head
A place to lay my burden down
A place to let the past fall dead

Whose eyes are looking my way?
Whose voice is calling my name?
I cannot turn away
Too beautiful to stay the same

They say I’m looking for a love
A love to throw myself into

Whose eyes are looking my way…
Track Name: You Are The Episode
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

You are the episode
I don’t want to see again
A souvenir shot glass
I won’t be taking home
A radio frequency
I will never listen too
I’m turning my head
And going home

You were a counterfeit, candle-lit, romantic
I was a passing fool, a ridicule of sorts
You played my heartsore, I let it pour
Then through your door
The night was sweet
But the morning was cruel

You are the episode…

It doesn’t matter where I am
The light is always creeping in
No shadow can hide my face
You left your trace on me
So I stand in the open light
Let it bite, settle its appetite
You burn right up, smoke to the sky

You are the episode…
Track Name: Littlebeck
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

When I leave this place
The smell of limestone will be on my coat
For a week or so

Every visit slows me down
All the reasons for my struggle fade
They are washed away

Open up the gate
Let the dogs run wild through the field
Soon the ground will yield

We return with burrs and thorns
I pull them off over the hidden spring
I watch the bubbling

There’s a burning in my chest that says,
“My son! Where have you been?”
And when I open up my mouth to sing
The fire only spreads
O Littlebeck, O Littlebeck

I remember where we sled
Down the hill into the freezing pond
With our red boots on

The snow was endless for a kid
Forts were built along the driveway’s edge
Where we made our pledge

There’s a burning in my chest…

O Littlebeck, have I lost my way?
O Littlebeck, have I lost my way?

Near the fireplace, we all stood
And said goodbye to grandpa on his bed
We each kissed his head

I sang a hymn to ease his pain
My voice was broken, my hands were strained
He smiled the same

There's a burning in my chest...
Track Name: The Winter Moon Is Fading
Nathan McDonald. © 2008 Littlebeck Records.

The winter moon is fading
In the morning light of springtime
These days have been so crowded
It’s been a while since I’ve seen your face

This cold rain and snow have washed my eyes
And now I see the sun
With my hands loose I’ll carry you away
And show you how
This desert is blooming

She said this was a hard season
Everything under the snow
Words have been spoken
We’ve uncovered the green

This cold rain and snow…

I’ll carry you on over
Past the edge of the cold
You’ll carry me around you
There’s nothing you can’t believe

This cold rain and snow…

Na, na, na, na, na, na…